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Discover unparalleled excellence in commercial boiler services with The Commercia Group. Renowned for bespoke solutions, we excel in revitalising boiler systems, offering comprehensive renovations, repairs, and meticulous maintenance. With a wealth of expertise, we set new standards in the industry, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and longevity for your boiler infrastructure. Count on The Commercia Group for unparalleled professionalism, tailored solutions, and an unwavering dedication to exceeding your expectations.

Heathrow Airport, previously known as London Airport until 1966, is the largest international airport serving London, England, and the United Kingdom. It’s a hub for global travel, boasting the busiest airport status in Europe and ranking fourth globally for passenger traffic. With a focus on international connections, Heathrow offers unparalleled access to destinations worldwide, making it a vital link in global air travel.

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Commercial Boiler Installations

Elevate your commercial space with The Commercia Group’s customised Commercial Boiler Installations. Our tailored solutions redefine industry benchmarks, addressing diverse heating needs with precision. Our adept team seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art technology with traditional craftsmanship, ensuring installations that exceed expectations. With strict adherence to UK Gas Safety regulations, each project guarantees not just peak performance but also peace of mind. Whether upgrading an existing system or embarking on a new installation journey, entrust The Commercia Group to deliver excellence at every turn. Experience the pinnacle of heating solutions tailored to your unique requirements, setting new standards in commercial comfort and efficiency.

Commercial Boiler Servicing

Enhance the longevity and efficiency of your commercial heating system with The Commercia Group’s superior Commercial Boiler Servicing. Our expertise lies in maximising boiler performance, ensuring seamless operations for your business. Our adept engineers conduct meticulous inspections, preempting potential issues and averting costly disruptions. Compliant with stringent UK Gas Safety regulations, we provide assurance alongside optimal functionality. Whether it’s scheduled maintenance or urgent repairs, our proactive stance ensures uninterrupted service, empowering your business with operational excellence.

Commercial Heating Installations

Transform your commercial space into a haven of comfort and efficiency with The Commercia Group’s bespoke Commercial Heating Installations in Heathrow. Our custom solutions are meticulously crafted to address the distinct heating requirements of commercial settings, promising unparalleled performance and energy conservation. From inception to execution, our seasoned professionals oversee every step, guaranteeing the seamless assimilation of state-of-the-art heating innovations that elevate comfort and productivity within your workspace. Committed to upholding UK standards and regulations, we place paramount importance on safety and dependability, ensuring each project delivers enduring value and peace of mind. Experience the pinnacle of commercial heating excellence with The Commercia Group.

Boiler installations and upgrades 

Experience excellence in Boiler Installations and upgrades in Heathrow with The Commercia Group’s premier service. Tailored to your business’s unique needs, our solutions guarantee peak performance and energy conservation. Our adept technicians, experts in the field, meticulously orchestrate installations, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology for enhanced reliability and comfort. Whether it’s a new installation or an upgrade, we provide bespoke solutions crafted to perfection. Committed to upholding UK regulations and safety standards, we offer not just unparalleled service but also peace of mind. Elevate your heating system with The Commercia Group, where excellence meets efficiency, and innovation meets reliability.

Boiler repairs

Revive comfort and productivity in your commercial environment with The Commercia Group’s adept Boiler Repairs service. Serving Heathrow, our proficient technicians swiftly diagnose and rectify boiler issues, minimising operational disruptions. Whether it’s minor tweaks or comprehensive overhauls, we uphold safety and dependability, strictly adhering to UK regulations and benchmarks. Our proactive methodology aims to pre-empt and resolve issues before they escalate, safeguarding your investment and ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Commercial Plumbing

Rely on The Commercia Group for all your commercial plumbing essentials with our expansive array of Commercial Plumbing Services in Heathrow. Our proficient team excels in diverse plumbing tasks, from regular upkeep to urgent fixes. Recognising the pivotal role of a seamlessly operating plumbing infrastructure in your business, we champion efficiency and dependability in every project we undertake. Whether pinpointing and rectifying leaks, fitting fixtures, or conducting comprehensive system evaluations, we approach each task with unwavering precision and a dedication to surpassing expectations. Trust in The Commercia Group to safeguard your plumbing needs, ensuring uninterrupted operations and peace of mind for your business.


The Commercia Group stands as the epitome of excellence in commercial heating and plumbing services, providing unparalleled solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in Heathrow and beyond. With a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, we redefine industry standards, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and reliability for your boiler and plumbing infrastructure. From installations to upgrades, repairs, and maintenance, our dedicated team of professionals ensures seamless operations, adhering to the highest UK safety standards every step of the way. 

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At The Commercia Group, our team is comprised of leaders, visionaries, successful entrepreneurs and industry experts. The cornerstone of our strategy is transparency, honesty and clarity toward all our clients and associates. Our ambition is to start, sustain and manage your heating, plumbing and energy needs in an effective and long lasting manner, whilst saving you money and time.

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Excellent work

I have worked and continue to work with Paul and his team as part of my heating design consultancy. He is a font of knowledge and we work well together on finding the best designs for all types and sizes of project. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul's company and have always found him to be a thoroughly decent and honourable man.
Rob Berridge
Managing Director

Elite Installer

Paul and I have come to know each other through the use of social media, which has become a vital and burgeoning aspect to our industry. Paul is an elite installer with vast experience in both the domestic and commercial sector of the heating industry. I have no trouble recommending him as one of the top installers within the UK.
Nathan Gambling

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