Kingsway Place, Residential Block

Kingsway Place

Kingsway Place is perfectly situated in the very heart of Clerkenwell, one of the most historic locations in London. The building consists of 50 flats.

Just before Christmas we were asked to urgently attend to check over the communal boiler system as the site had lost heating and hot water. We found the boilers which were 30 years old had failed, the parts were no longer available and therefore new boilers and hot water cylinders were urgently required. The Commercia Group were appointed as the principal contractor for the boiler and plant room upgrade.
The site required an output of 500kW for the required demand. As it was the holiday season, we agreed with the property management company to get 2no 100kW Worcester Bosch boilers installed urgently. Many residents were away for the holiday season and therefore this would provide enough for the demand for the 2-week period.

We installed the first 2 boilers and 1 hot water cylinder over the Christmas and new year period. Then in the new year an additional 3no 100kW boilers and a second cylinder was installed.
The property management company were very impressed at the level of customer service we provided and how quickly we worked over the holiday period.


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I have worked and continue to work with Paul and his team as part of my heating design consultancy. He is a font of knowledge and we work well together on finding the best designs for all types and sizes of project. I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul's company and have always found him to be a thoroughly decent and honourable man.
Rob Berridge
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Paul and I have come to know each other through the use of social media, which has become a vital and burgeoning aspect to our industry. Paul is an elite installer with vast experience in both the domestic and commercial sector of the heating industry. I have no trouble recommending him as one of the top installers within the UK.
Nathan Gambling

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